March 10, 2015

Our Job as Ministry

On Sunday, I didn't feel well and had some studying to do, so instead of going to church, I listened to a "church service" on the radio.  The sermon was called "Our Job as Ministry" by Pastor Bob Hoekstra.  It was all about how

  1. "Ministry" isn't just something full-time missionaries do; wherever God has you is your mission field, and
  1. Your job isn't primarily about making money for food, housing, etc., because God has already promised to provide that for you - the job is a ministry

(That's my Reader's Digest version - it's more complex than that and very good, so give it a listen!)

If you've read my post "5 Tips for Christians Working in Customer Service" you know that I am passionate about Matthew 5:14-16 and being a "light" to people that don't know salvation.  I love being with brothers and sisters in Christ, but I love even more to bring my passion for representing Christ out into my community.

Well, that store that I worked at all last year, learned a lot of lessons from, and LOVED... went out of business.  As a 20 yr old without a job, I felt super childish not working at all, I missed practicing financial stewardship, and most of all I really, really missed all the opportunities I used to have while interacting with customers.

So the sermon on Sunday was great, but also kind of a slap in the face.

But it didn't seem like any of my valiant attempts at a job were working out!  Finally, after listening to the sermon and thinking hard about how much I was relying on my own merit (and flimsy resume) to earn a job, I prayed, "God, whether you want me to work or not, I'm trusting your plan and I'm not going to stress out anymore."  Because he provides whether or not I work.  Because my ministry could be elsewhere.  Because I am pretty useless on my own strength.

The next day, I saw an ad for a job practically next door to my old job.  I pass there every day for school, so I prayed about it and then popped in to apply.  As soon as I walked in, the owner of the store recognized me from my last job and actually knows my boss personally!  Less than 24 hours later, the owner called back to tell me when I will start training.  It doesn't always go this way.  Sometimes I give up something I want, and God never gives it to me. He knows best.  But sometimes, I give up something I want, and he gives it to me anyway.  He still knows best.  God is so good.

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