March 31, 2015

...Out like a lamb?

March came in like a lion, and is going out like a lamb.  Like some kind of mutant death-lamb with razor sharp teeth that preys on lions.  Totally loving this never-ending winter we're having here in New York.

Anyway, here are some stuffs that I liked on this last day of March!

Stuff I Heard

Evan Craft and Carley Redpath - "Oceanos"
If you have tuned into any Christian radio station in the last couple of years, you will most definitely know Hillsong United's song "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)."  It is poignant, worshipful, and beautiful.  "Oceanos" is the same song, just in Spanish. It came on my Spanish worship music Pandora station.  I fell in love with it immediately.

Stuff I Bought

I got a new job earlier this month, so I buy things now.  Really random things.  A lot of books.  I went to Barnes & Noble between classes.  If left unchecked, I can spend way too much money there, so I just stuck to the bargain priced stuff today:
  • A copy of Yann Martel's Life of Pi
  • A compilation of Lewis Carroll's classic works, including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
  • A bag with a picture of Joseph Heller's Catch-22 on both sides
I think the bag will be perfect for trips to the library, and I'm quite excited to own the two books, even though I have already read them.  There's a relatively new ULTA Beauty store next to B&N, so I also popped in there and picked up a mascara, springtime-y peach lipstick, and a tiny bottle of hair product.

A package from Amazon also arrived today, containing a Spanish translation of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and a pair of AWESOME socks featuring one of my favorite paintings, Klimt's The Kiss.

Stuff I Wore

LOL @ me trying to make an outfit post.  Not my thing.  But yeah I didn't have to cover my clothes up with a jacket this morning so here we go.  (Pretend like you can't tell how grody my mirror is.)
striped cardigan ~ flowery dress ~ gray fleece-lined sweater tights ~ lace boots ~ the end ~ also ft. a tiny bun and my fav backpack

Basically it was a good last day of March.  Hopefully April takes a hint, though, because as much as I love these fleecy tights, I am ready for shorts.


  1. Oooh, I love all of those. :-D Your outfit is cute. And I love to buy tons of books...whether I read them already and want to own them or if I just want to read them. ;-)

    Fabulous post!

    1. Exactly, haha - books are just a really nice thing to have around!! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Super adorable outfit:) Spring time clothes are always so lovely. I also spend way too much money on books and then somehow never find time to read them. The struggle is real.

    1. It seriously is! I'm becoming a book hoarder. But it's also kind of nice to have a lot of books sitting around, just for the company haha :)

  3. Oceans is probably one of my favorite songs. I love it.

  4. My dear Lauren, you look absolutely lovely! I simply adore your fun and fresh outfit :) Thank you so much for sharing this song as it's a new one for me. And thanks for linking up with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs and blessings!

    1. Stephanie - Thank you for all your thoughtful, personal comments! I enjoy reading & linking up with your blog - thank you for the opportunity to share my posts and, more importantly, discover new blogs through exploring the other posts that are linked up. It's been a big help as I search for good content to read. I appreciate it so much!