March 7, 2015

So I had a blog in middle school.

I recently gained access to the blog I wrote for when I was twelve.  That’s now eight years ago!  I scrolled through the pointless/random posts and decided to do a reaction to one of them, to see how much I’ve changed since I began blogging.

Lauren Croke, March 13th 2008
Age: 13
Grade: 7th
Blog Name: Average Girl
Username: SaxonProtestor
On My iPod: Relient K, Taylor Swift, old Shania Twain, lots of CCM
Interests: Lord of the Rings, reading, playing baseball
Lauren Croke, March 7th 2015
Age: 20
Grade: Sophomore in college
On My iPod: Gungor, AWOLNATION, Coldplay, Phoenix, still Relient K
Interests: Reading, experimenting with different mediums of art, organizing stuff

Thursday March 13th 2008
“Me, Myself, and I”


I have had five teeth extracted.
Well, you have the random part down.

I love stuffed animals (I started a Beanie Baby collection)
I still do!  I’m not going to deny that I have a pink stuffed raccoon on my bed.

I used to own a shark (a little one)
Not really a shark… More like a goldfish...

I *dislike* Saxon Math (yeah, Abeka!!!!) :)
Strong feelings about my middle school math curriculum.  I'm done with math now!

I like the colors blue, black, and white.
If I had to pick 3 colors now, it would be gray, forest green, and pale pink.

When I was little, I was pink and Alison was purple. As in, I wore pink shirts, Ally wore the same but in purple.
Such cute sisters.

I went to school for 2.5 years. I thought it was interesting. But look at the next one...
By “school” I meant something "not-homeschool" – I went to a private Christian school for 2.5 years.

I screamed and held on tight to the railing of the school walkway on the first day of school. The teacher had to pull on my legs to get me off. :)
I love school now though!  My first day at college I didn't give such a problem.

I used to be a Met fan. *gasps!* (why did I say that??)
I literally could not care less about baseball anymore.

Don't ask me what I want to be when I grow up!! I don't want to grow up... :D
But grow up I did!  I am pursuing interests in writing and art.

BUT incase I DID.... I would want to be a cop.
Lauren, that is such a horrible idea.

I used to want to be an editor when I grew up. Or an artist.
This sounds more like me.

I love the Daily News comics. Especially "Zits".
I LOVE comics.  I own a book of the history of comic strips and like to doodle my own cartoons.

I love Mustangs. The car, I mean. They look *tough*
You are going to love the 1999 Subaru Outback you get to drive.  His name is Nemo.

I have a weakness for glue. That is I take a glob, smear it on my hand and wait for it to dry so I can peel it off. Oh, the fun!



  1. Ahahaha! This is too funny. Maybe I should try this sometime. . . It's great to see how much one has changed over the years.

    And wait, MUSTANGS??! Me too! They have always been my dream car, but I do love my 2004 Nissan Xterra. :]

    Love your blog!!

    1. Lol you totally should! I didn't realize how much I've changed until I looked back; this was definitely my awkward stage... :|

      Yesss I was so convinced my first car would be a Mustang! I still stop and stare when one goes by but my dreams are more realistic now hahaha

  2. Lol, this post was really great :) It's amazing to see how much we've changed in such a little amount of time. Well - I guess years isn't that little...but yeah :) I just might have to try this sometime :)

    - Autumn

    1. Thanks Autumn! It seriously is amazing how much time changes us lol. It would be even cooler for 12yr old me to read something 20yr old me posted, but... Time travel.

      I appreciate that you included your blog url so I could check it out - I see you've been blogging 2 years. :o That's so awesome, keep up the good writing!