September 21, 2015

This past week...

Who knew working two jobs and going to college full time could be this much fun?!

I was so nervous at the beginning of the semester, but here I am a week later, and if my days are busier they are certainly not any less enjoyable since I love what I do at school and work.  And somehow there is always time to do other things I love.  :)

At school, I learned about cell division and osmosis in human biology, practiced using the subjunctive mood and the present perfect tense in Spanish, and in advanced composition, I reviewed tons of picky grammar things, like different kinds of clauses.

I packed out a mug for to send for a mug exchange... Thanks to Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose for coordinating the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange!  Shopping for other people is one of my favorite things to do.  I also received a mug!  But you'll have to wait to see it... It is going to get its own post.

I began working at my college's Writing Center as a "trusted reader" or TR (basically a writing tutor, except it's a more collaborative experience).  I've loved it so far, much to my surprise.  As a very shy person, I imagined tutoring sessions being really awkward and hard for me, but I actually feel so comfortable working on an essay with someone.  All kinds of students come in.  It's going to be such a fantastic experience to have before I graduate.

I cut my own hair!  A year ago, my hair looked like this:

Short on the sides/back and floppy on top.  (Also slightly orange... Thank you, misleading box hair dye.)  I've been growing it out for a year, but I missed the fuzzy feeling of buzzed hair, so I gave myself an undercut on the nape of my neck.

I really like the way it looks, especially with a bun.

At the library, I've been creating a display in the young adult area.  Banned Books Week is coming up next week, so I compiled a list of frequently challenged books and made a nice display on the bulletin board.  I'm also changing all the signage in the DVD section.  I like putting the skills I learned in graphic design classes to use!  All of the random things I am interested in seem to converge at my job in the library... Such a God thing.

I read a good book.  Actually, a collection of novellas by Stephen King.  It's called Different Seasons and has four stories in it.

"Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" is my personal favorite; it's about a couple of guys in prison for murder (but I'm sure you've seen the movie The Shawshank Redemption).  It's an interesting commentary on institutions; I made some parallels in my mind to the public education system (not to say school is a prison - just to question what the institutions are supposed to accomplish/how they attempt to accomplish it).
"The Body" is another good one.  I began reading it and thinking, "I'm pretty sure I watched a movie exactly like this..."  As I read I finally realized it was also a movie called Stand By Me.
"Apt Pupil" was the most disturbing and graphic - very twisted; not my favorite.  I didn't bother with "The Breathing Method."  Maybe I'll get to it eventually.  It didn't grab me the way the others did in the first few pages.
I've seen some of the movies based on his books, but never read a single one until last week.  I liked them a lot and plan on reading Misery next.  What an excellent, creepy movie - but of course the book is always better.  ;)

I also went to a Renaissance Faire with my mom and sister.  It's such a fun, playful environment with TONS to do and see.  There were many different singing groups of bands, plays about Robin Hood, all kinds of food and shops, random entertainers milling about, and SO MANY people dressed in period clothing!  I'm not into costumes and stuff, but it was a great place to people-watch, haha.  And of course I had my picture taken with a cute juggler.

I would totally go back next year.  It poured on us for a while as we watched the jousting tournament, but all in all it was so much fun.

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