October 13, 2015

The Enchanting Rose Mug Exchange!

I am SO happy I decided to participate in the Tea Cup/Mug Exchange with one of the blogs I follow, The Enchanting Rose.  I signed up to just exchange coffee mugs - I'm more of a coffee person - and had a ton of fun picking out some stuff to send along to Natalie at Wordz on a Page.  Here is the picture she took of the mug she got from me in this post:

An enchanting woodland creature mug (owl or fox?  Who knows!), a notebook, a copy of a book I thought she'd enjoy, some shortbread cookies, decaf coffee.  It was such a fun shopping trip and I'm glad Natalie enjoyed her package!

Hannah, who is affiliated with a number of family businesses and blogs (here is a page about her - be sure to check out Radical Femininity and Shining Stars Magazine), sent me a beautiful mug, a Lilla Rose flexiclip, and the most delicious chocolate turtle I've ever eaten.  :)

Left to right: handwritten note, chocolate turtle, tall mug, Lilla Rose hair accessory.

The mug has so much character!  Besides being super tall - much better for holding more hot chocolate and coffee than my other mugs! - the striped handle, decorated lip and base of the mug, and the whimsical rooster make this a beautiful and unique addition to my collection (sorry, can't help artistically evaluating it - the art student in me is showing).  I can't get over how adorable his little rooster face is.

I've seen stuff about Lilla Rose here and there but have never bought myself one, since my hair has been mostly buzzed short for the past couple of years.  I've been growing out my hair since the spring, though, and have been at a loss for how to deal with longer locks... Cue the arrival of Hannah's package and a beautiful clip. :) You can't tell in the picture, but the jewel in the middle is like a prism and reflects all different colors of light.  And it's the perfect size for my chin-length hair.  I've used it to dress up my bun for work and to hold my hair back in a kind of half-up, half down style.

 And what more can be said about a giant chocolatey, pretzel-y, pecan-y, caramel mocha-y turtle?!  I had the idea to save it to eat with a cup of coffee in my new mug, but who am I kidding...  It was eaten up within ten minutes of being opened.

Thank you, Hannah, for a wonderful gift!  I hope my letter gets to you alright!  Thanks, Stephanie, for organizing a really fun activity.  :)


  1. Aww, I was just working on a swap reveal post for our blog and decided to hop over here to see if you had written yet! I love the pictures and am so glad you enjoyed the package. After I had sent it out my mother mentioned that she didn't get to see the mug - somehow I totally forgot to show her - so I'll share the pictures with her :) I received your letter and hope to write back soon - our family just returned home from a 10 day camping trip so between that, still settling in to the new house, and bringing home my new horse today ... well, you get the picture ;) Talk to you soon!

    1. I saw your post! You and your sister got some cute cups. :) I've been enjoying reading Radical Femininity lately. Sounds like you guys are busy (in a good way)! Talk to ya!

  2. My dear Lauren, your post was such a blessing to read as I could feel your gratitude through your words. I, too, amd glad you joined the adventure and I am tickled pink to hear you will be joining the next one.

    Your mug is just darling and I agree, perfect for holding more coffee or hot cocoa :) Love the flexi clip! I have just started wearing them as well and simply love them. And that turtle chocolate.....oh my! Looks divine, my dear :)

    Thanks again and I look forward to having you link up your post at tomorrow's reveal. Hugs!

    1. It really was so great! You do a great job.

  3. What wonderful treasures! Wasn't the exchange so much FUN? It was my very first one, and certainly not my last!

  4. What a cute mug! I love Roosters and chickens and that is cute as can be! Have a great eve, Lynn

  5. What beautiful treasures you have received, Lauren, the rooster mug is so precious! I have collected roosters for quite some time! A very lovely post you have written, thank you for sharing, have a blessed week,

  6. Isn't it fun to receive happy mail!!! The owl mug is just too cute...love it!!!

    I love roosters and I LOVE your new mug!!! The turtle is huge and so yummy looking...I want one now!!! The hair clip is very pretty and feminine. This is the second time I have heard about Lilla Rose...I'll have to check her out!
    So glad you had a great experience participating in Stephanie's exchange. Have a great week!

  7. What a lovely package. As a chocoholic, I truly appreciate your giant chocolate turtle and would have devoured it quickly too!

  8. Yum! I love chocolate turtles! It's quite large too--even better! The mug you received is really cute as well as the one you sent! What a sweet little hair clip too! This swap is too much fun!