May 31, 2016

May Favorites | Summer Sun Essentials

Nobody asked for this, but it's the last day of May (!) and I had some favorite products this month, so you're welcome, World, for the wisdom I'm about to impart upon you.  YAY.

It's almost summer, so I'm following a theme: these are all products that I relied on while on vacation at the beach to keep my face, skin, and hair happy in the insanely hOt Florida sun.  Each product listed was vital either for 1) using before heading out into the sun, or 2) using after accidentally falling asleep on the beach and ROASTING on the beach.

Okay, I have these products more or less in the order I used them in, so let's dive right into it.  (Click on the names of the products to buy them on Amazon!  You're welcome.)

I discovered BB creams a couple of years ago - it took a little experimenting to find the right BB cream for my skin type/color (pale and kind of oily?), but after trying some different brands and colors, I've found this one works the best for me!  It blends in perfectly and practically disappears once it's set in.  It's perfect for wearing in the sun because besides having an SPF of 21, it provides adequate coverage and is easy to apply evenly!

I'm not big on lip color oops; bUT I tried this on a whim and I actually really liked it?!?  It goes on SO smoothly and the pointy tip is great for accurate lip-stickage, plus it's really soft and silky and has some mad staying power.  For being in the sun, I mightttt suggest putting on a coat of chap stick with SPF as well just in case, but my lips have never burned while using this, plus I feel like a classy vintage model when I wear it.  The ideal summery color.

Now we're getting to the real stuff.  Here's a disclaimer: I bought this sunscreen AFTER my back and arms had basically burned off my first day on the beach.  I had used a "sports" sunscreen in a can and IDK what was really to blame for that horrible burn but I decided to blame the sunscreen and I bought a new one!  SO this is what I used the rest of the week and the parts of me that weren't burned stayed a normal shade of light pale.

I have many praises for this sunscreen (besides the fact that it.. worked). First of all, the texture and feeling of it is so, so nice.  A lot of the time I don't bother with sunscreen because I really, really hate how greasy it feels YUCKGHH but this is so soft and moisturizing and doesn't bother me at all.  ALSO, it smells like the beach, all tropical and relaxing.  Finally, it's sparkly!!  Not in a like a SPARKLY way, but in a ~sparkly~ way, very enjoyable and magical.  If this doesn't sell ya, I don't know what will.

I bought this a while back having no idea what "styling milk" means, but I discovered it is more or less a leave-in conditioner that makes your hair feel so nice, so soft, yesss you will love it.  It smells amazing, does fantastic things to your hair, etc. etc.  I am offended by the feeling of dried, knotted hair that has had the moisture sucked out of it by the ocean and this solved my problem - put some in while your hair is still wet and salty, tousle it a little, there ya go, nice and soft and magical.

So you're on vacation in Florida.  You rubbed the BB cream into your face, applied the red lip balm, put on some sun screen, and conditioned your hair after a swim - but now the day at the beach is over and OH MY GOSH MY SHOULDERS ARE BURNED?!  I swear it takes hours to realize sometimes that there has been a lapse in skin protection.  No worries: if you have a tub, run yourself a cold-ish bath and pour a capful of this baby in.

This was the one good decision I made after burning an entire layer of skin off: in a desperate attempt at relief for my burned back, I ran out to Target and bought some of this and just soaked in the tub for an hour.  It made my poor skin cells sing like a chorus of tiny, sunburned angels (until I had to get out)... It's got aloe, vitamin E, and oats(???) in it for a very soothing, gentle combination.
I tried to recreate the experience in my tub at home, but the stopper is faulty.  BUMMER.

You've removed yourself from your soothing bubble bath and gingerly patted yourself dry... You need moisture badly, but not just any normal moisturizer will do.  This classic after-sun lotion is a life-saver.  Slightly more greasy than I'd like, but that's not what I'm worrying about when my sunburn NEEDS MOISTURE.  Nothing better.

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed this post and found it at least somewhat helpful!