June 11, 2016

June 2016 Life Update

Again, I don't know if I like the idea of writing about *~*~life~*~* so much - it feels too much like a diary, which I prefer to keep private.  I daydream about having a practical niche blog with useful, relevant posts, but maybe that's getting ahead of myself, considering I have no expertise in anything that anyone cares about. :-)  For now I'll keep up my writing flow by just writing what's going on, and seeking that elusive pattern I claim that my life lacks.

I'm still working at the library.  I'm taking on some of the graphic design duties, along with my tasks of writing on the sandwich board and keeping the YA section bulletin board and displays updated.  I think I might be moving away from considering librarianship as a career, but I love my part-time job here.

Yes, I am again reconsidering my college options.  My mind changes twenty times a day.  I graduated with my associate's degree this past winter, took a semester off, and am now moving onto a new school to finish a bachelor's degree.  I was initially very anxious about this - different school, new people, an hour-long commute, no idea what major to choose, trying to balance a class schedule with my work schedule, wondering about financial aid - but God is answering prayers left and right for me as far as this transfer process is going!  It seeeeeems like this fall will really work out.

Sometimes I just wish God would put something on my heart, a clear direction that I know for sure is what I should do - something I'm passionate about, and that other people would be like "Oh hey that actually sounds like a well-thought out plan," and that would really put me somewhere I can be used.  But no, instead I'm taking very tiny steps in no particular direction.  I am trying not to compare myself to others in this area.  Hopefully this meaningless cycle all makes sense one day.

ANYWAY I know this is intensely uninteresting.  Thanks for listening.  Peace out.

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