September 20, 2016

September Goals

I've been keeping track of my monthly goals since the spring.  Some months I have very specific goals, like making certain appointments, while other months I have general goals about improving a skill, etc.  This month I am definitely leaning more towards general goals, since I have a much looser daily schedule.

We're 1/3rd of the way through with September, but I wrote down my goals at the beginning of the month in my journal, so I'm going to transcribe it here for accountability, as well as rate my progress so far.

A picture from a nice night over Labor Day weekend. :)

September Goals 2016


  1. Pick up more days at work.  I almost never turn down a request to fill in for somebody, but I really hope to get more hours this month.
  2. Save and tithe more/spend less.  I spend too much and haven't budgeted my money wisely this whole summer.
  3. Take more walks.  I was aiming for a 30 minute brisk walk every day.  I decided to join the gym last week, so this is going exceedingly well.
  4. Practice ukulele more. Fortunately I LOVE playing ukulele.
  5. Finish HTML/CSS course on CodeAcademy. Almost done with this.


  1. Complete website for my mom's homeschool sports organization.  My plans went wildly awry, so I'm going to cross this off my goals list and not count it at the end of the month.
  2. Apply for an online college.  I'm honestly spent from applying to school this summer and having everything fall through, so I'm procrastinating really bad from this.
  3. Get involved with a ministry. I have volunteered only sporadically the past 3 years since leaving the church I used to be involved in.  I miss being committed to a ministry.  I've contacted my current church to see how I can serve, but I won't check this off until I'm officially committed.
  4. Make an appointment for a new fall haircut.  This was one of my more exciting goals; I stress out about going to hair salons but I looove the feeling of trimmed hair.  I only got an inch or so off I think, and added some layers in the back. So this is definitely done.
  5. Take inventory of fall/winter clothes and go shopping for what I'm missing.  I need a new jacket, but I have a ridiculous abundance of cardigans that will get me through til it gets really cold.  And I already bought new boots at the end of this past winter.  However, last week I found the clearance rack in the athletic department at Target and bought two pairs of leggings, two shirts, two sports bras, and a lot of socks, which I paid for out of the money I had for fall shopping - a good decision, since having fun, comfortable workout clothes makes me feel more confident going to the gym.

I think that's pretty much it.  I decided to challenge myself to two weeks of healthy meals and exercise last Sunday, and I've also been pushing myself to step out of my social comfort zone in various ways, so this list isn't 100% reflective of what I'm accomplishing this month.  But I feel good about this list and about my progress so far.

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