October 15, 2016

October Goals Progress!

I didn't post on Friday, so here's a BONUS post to count towards my challenge haha.

It's pretty much exactly halfway through the month and I never shared my October goals... Oops.  Well, here they are and some of my progress towards some of them.

October Goals

  1. Work: Pick up extra hours.  I'm able to sub a bunch of times over the next couple of weeks!  Success.
  2. Gym: 3-4x/week.  So far, so good...
  3. Stick to dat good food.  This week I didn't go food shopping, so I didn't meal plan well at all.  There's still a couple of weeks to redeem myself.
  4. REALLY apply to [colleges].  I applied to two today! - whew.  Both are online programs in the computer/information science field.
  5. Practice ukulele more.  I've played around a few times, but I haven't learned anything new this month.
  6. Tithe.  I tithed my first paycheck this month, and plan to tithe when I get my next one in a week.
  7. Open a savings account.  Haven't done this yet.
  8. Look for another PT job. (?)  May or may not get on this, depending on how school plans look for next semester.
  9. Be brave and meet someone new.  I don't think I have yet...
  10. Go apple/pumpkin picking.  I've gone apple picking already!  Pumpkins are next.
  11. Paint bedroom/closet doors and trim white.  The side of the doors that face into my room are unpainted!  It bugs me so much.  :P
  12. Watch Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II.  Yes, this made it to my October Goals list because it's been like a month since I watched the other seven movies... I started to watch it but got bored and returned the DVD to the library.
  13. Get on a good sleep schedule.  Hahahhahahahdfsal.dsfalkj
  14. Do 1 unexpected thing that would surprise Past Lauren to hear about.  Well I mean I accepted a very casual sort-of date for the first time in a while.  So.  That would probably have surprised me.  I have Thoughts on dating in general that I'd like to get to in an upcoming post...
  15. Run a 5k.  In two weeks I'll run a 5k!  I am already anxious about it.  I just want to finish in under 50 minutes and with my dignity mostly intact.

Let's see what the rest of the  month brings!


  1. Great job with your goals! I need to get on a schedule too! :-/ Good luck with the 5k!!

  2. You're doing pretty good with your goals so far! Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you! I had a mini heart attack seeing your comment; you are my blogging role model ;)