October 12, 2016

Alicia Keys and Skydiving

Hello again!

I first want to say that I have changed my blog's address - it's now www.laurenmcroke.blogspot.com.  I think making it my own name reflects how this blog is going to become more of a ~regular thing~ and maybe one day I'll come up with a REALLY GREAT NAME, but this will work for now.  I also changed the title, which is also definitely subject to change again.

I've been watching a couple of episodes of The Voice and noticed how beautifully simple & natural Alicia Keys looks.  I'm totally out of the loop but apparently she recently caused a stir by going makeup free!  She talks about it a little bit starting at 1:32 in the video above.

She says it all very succinctly - better than I can express - but the little message she's sending by going on TV with no makeup really resonates with me.  I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 16, but I quickly became dependent on covering up and painting on my face: when you get used to looking at your face with makeup on, it's difficult to be happy with how you look once the makeup comes off.  A couple of years ago I did a "No-Makeup November" and it really gave me a new perspective on what real beauty is and helped me appreciate the way I "really" look.  Since then, I've definitely reduced the amount of makeup I wear and how often I wear it.  But I never feel "ugly" or like I'm missing something when I don't have makeup on anymore.  I feel like I look like myself!

I think it's cool to see a celebrity showing us what her "real" face looks like.  :)

This is Dodie Clark, my ukulele senpai.  ;)  I saw her and some other YouTubers in concert back in May.  In this video, she talks about her experience skydiving.  Listen, it's hard for me to even hear about someone skydiving, and I don't see myself EVER in a million years doing it.  But that's what Dodie felt like too, and she actually did it!

I think I liked this video because I relate to it so much - her fear of heights, the anxiety she experiences, etc.  And her story-telling is beautiful - I was enthralled from start to finish and felt her emotions along with her.

Finally, something a little weird from PJ Liguori.  If you're like me, if you watch it once you'll watch it a hundred times.

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