January 22, 2017

2017 style philosophy || forever 21 mini haul

Yes, a ~haul~ post.  Why not.

Charcoal Varsity-Striped Tunic: $12.90
Dusty Pink Crew Neck Sweater: $10
Taupe Corduroy Baseball Cap: $9.90
Ruched-Front Seamless Bralettes (Charcoal & Mauve): $4.90/ea.

We had a "girl's day" at the mall yesterday; we window-shopped a lot and had a great time!  I didn't plan on a shopping spree, but I picked up a couple of things at Forever 21.

Every time I bring home a new item of clothing, I save the shopping bag and put a few things I don't wear anymore into it to give away.  If something new goes into my closet, something old comes out: by doing this I've pared down my wardrobe drastically!  It's one of my favorite tricks to managing my closet.

Another way I'm managing my closet is by choosing a sort of "palette" for 2017.  To save any item of clothing from being neglected because it "doesn't go" with anything, I have a loose criteria for clothes I buy: it's not a set of hard-and-fast rules, so I'm not going to outline them, but they exist in my mind.  Basically, I have to rationalize why I am purchasing the item in question.  It's definitely helped me round out my wardrobe and gravitate towards a very basic personal style (of sorts) without even trying.

I am not stylish, trendy, or particularly well-dressed, but my clothes fit me well, they're comfortable, they're all worn regularly, and I feel like myself in whatever I put on!  My philosophy on clothing is that clothes should complement my personality as well as my body.  It's a funny example, but I always think about TV shows, and how clothes are chosen carefully by costume designers to fit each character.  A lot of the time, we don't even notice what someone in a TV show is wearing, which I think attests to the talent of the costume designers.

Here's a picture of me today, wearing the hat and tunic that I bought yesterday:

So comfortable!  I've never worn a baseball cap as an accessory before, but I think it suits me.  :)

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