January 12, 2017

back to school (again)

Exciting news: I'm going back to school.  I took a sort of "gap year" between getting my associate's degree and beginning my bachelor's degree, so I'm a little apprehensive of how it'll be to be back in college full time, even though I'll be a fully online student.

Anyway, as a distance learner, the biggest way I'm preparing for the first day of classes is by getting my work space ready.  Really all I need is a clean desk and good supplies/stationary.  Today I went out and purchased a couple of items as a kind of "back-to-school" mini haul, and I think it would be fun to share the things I got.  :)

Every season I've been going to the nifty section of Target where pretty much everything is under $5, because they always have cute, cheap, seasonal decorations and stuff.  So I like to change out little things in my room to make it feel more seasonally appropriate.  This season is kind of awkward.  It's way too early to think about Valentine's Day, but right now Target has mostly Valentine's Day decorations, as well as 2017 planners/calendars.

However, I do like the idea of going from Christmas-y winter decor (fairy lights, red and gold, dark-colored candles) to pastel-y winter decor.  Light colors feel right for the beginning of a new year, and it's sort of like a transition towards spring... A very long transition...

Here we go!

Hanging Wall Calendar - Target's Dollar Deal Area - $3 
I like to have a small calendar near my desk.  I don't use it to write on, it's just for quick reference.  Since it's almost entirely for aesthetic purposes, it's important to me that it's cute.

And it really is so cute - every month has a different watercolor design on it.  I particularly approve of April's raindrop design!  I really like the fonts used.  :)

Just the right size!

 2017 Weekly/Monthly Planner - Target Dollar Deal Area - $1
I already have a planner - a really pretty, high-quality one that I use for everything - but I wanted a tiny one for course assignments so that my nice one doesn't get cluttered.  This is perfect, and I like the minimalist design.

It's really small and thin!  I could easily tuck it into my other planner.  Overkill?  Sorry.  I just really, really love planners.

Ceramic Valentine's Day jar - Target Dollar Deal Area - $3
I am really impressed by this item!  It kind of reminds me of something you'd see in Anthropologie.  It's an excellent little candy jar and improves the visual appeal of my desk.  :)

Mmm... Those are cupcake-flavored Valentine's Day kisses.  They're mad good and they look adorable in this jar.  They were also the most expensive thing I bought - $3.69 for a package of them.  :P

30 ct. white note cards - Target Dollar Deal Area - $3
 I am a massive stationary hoarder.  I LOVE cute notebooks, paper, cards, stickers, everything.  There were a lot of choices at Target today, but I went with this set of 30 blank white cards with envelopes.  I usually hand-make birthday cards, so it's good to have a whole stack of plain cards that I can decorate however I want!

These could easily be decorated with a message or picture stamped right on the middle, but I will probably do a little more.  :)

The perfect size!  You can also see how the paper has a nice texture and is made of sturdy paper.

Anyway, that's all the things I picked up today; altogether it cost me under $15.  I'm very happy with my haul - I'm all set for the upcoming semester!

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