January 26, 2017

before the snow melts

I wanted to test some things with my camera  (specifically to find out if I really need to always only take massive .raw pictures... the answer is no).  So I went out during the golden hour yesterday to mess around a little bit.  We had a nor'easter blow through this week, so it's pretty snowy and slushy, but it was sunny and kind of warm yesterday and everything is starting to melt, making for a really pretty evening.

My beautiful automobile.

I love how in the winter the mountains are visible in the distance, since there aren't leaves on the trees.

Pawprints... Pawprints everywhere.

Hello, sunshine.

When I came in, Mika was on the couch looking out the window.  She was probably watching me from inside.  :)

You can't tell by how angelic I made her look in these pictures, but she kept poking me with her nose and barking, nagging me to give her dinner.

she's beauty and she's grace


  1. So, so pretty :) I just love snow and sun together. Lovely!