January 25, 2017

books i read this month || january 2017

I opened an account on Goodreads again and have been carefully keeping track of the books I'm reading this year.  This month I read only non-fiction.  Here are the three books I read in 2017, as well as a short synopsis and review of each...

"A former paramedic’s visceral, poignant, and mordantly funny account of a decade spent on Atlanta’s mean streets saving lives and connecting with the drama and occasional beauty that lies inside catastrophe."

This was the first book I read this year - the cover caught my attention immediately when I saw it at the library.  I thought it was really good - lots of exciting stories from a former parameic; some humorous, some heartwarming, some chilling, some really really sad.  I'd recommend it for a book that you coul pick up and read without having to focus too much attention on a complicated plot/dense content.

Magic & Loss

by Virginia Heffernan

"Since its inception, the Internet has morphed from merely an extension of traditional media into its own full-fledged civilization. It is among mankind’s great masterpieces—a massive work of art. As an idea, it rivals monotheism. We all inhabit this fascinating place. But its deep logic, its cultural potential, and its societal impact often elude us. In this deep and thoughtful book, Virginia Heffernan presents an original and far-reaching analysis of what the Internet is and does."

I like to read perspectives on the culture of the Internet, and this relatively new book fits the bill.  I wouldn't recommend it for a casual/light read, but if you're interested in the study of the Internet and how it has shaped our culture, go for it.

"Mrs. Sherlock Holmes tells the true story of Grace Humiston, the detective and lawyer who turned her back on New York society life to become one of the nation’s greatest crimefighters during an era when women weren’t involved with murder investigations. After agreeing to take the sensational Cruger case, Grace and her partner, the hard-boiled detective Julius J. Kron, navigated a dangerous web of secret boyfriends, two-faced cops, underground tunnels, rumors of white slavery, and a mysterious pale man — in a desperate race against time."

When this brand-new book was delivered to the library (pre-published), I immediately added myself to the wait list!  The subjects are relevant to my interests: Sherlock Holmes, real-life crime investigations, early 20th century New York, women's rights back in the day, courtroom drama...  Yeah, I really liked this book.  It feels a stretched a little bit too long, to me; sometimes I skimmed for pages and pages at a time, but I don't think that took away from the story.  This story saved me from the disappointment I felt after the finale of Sherlock BBC was murdered before my very eyes...

“I am not a believer in deduction.  Common sense and persistence will always solve a mystery. You never need theatricals, nor Dr. Watson, if you stick to a case.” - Grace Humiston, Mrs. Sherlock Holmes

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