January 24, 2017

first day of school

I STILL get excited about the first day of school!  And this one is all-around maybe the most exciting, because I'm at a new school and I have a new major and it's been way too long since I exercised these educational muscles.  Essays, tests, assignments, discussions, quizzes, readings, textbooks; all so stressful, but I can't deny that the productivity gives me a buzz like nothing else.

I've just missed it so much.

Technically I got a head start on some of my classes, since I'm taking them online and everything was posted already.  But I don't think I could let myself believe that this semester was going to be a go until the Official First Day, and here it is, and it's so awesome.

All other schools closed in the area because of the bad weather last night into this morning.  Not me.  :)  It's like being homeschooled all over again.


I could have given myself a snow day, I guess.  But why get behind on the first day?

Here's my little set-up.  Computer, coffee, planner.  Really meta because this is what it looks like as I type up this post.  :)

I've taken online courses before, but I've never been a full-time distance learner.  I expect to apply a lot of the same principles of homeschooling.  Self-motivation, accountability, responsibility, diligence, organization, etc.  I'm confident heading into this new endeavor, more so than I've been before!

One thing I'm curious about is how much time will I spend "in class."  Will it be around the same as if I was not online?  Or will it be less, or more?  Will these courses be harder than others I've taken? What will it be like to work with other online students? I'll revisit these question at the end of the semester...

Getting my associate's degree in General Studies was great, but I'm PUMPED to finally have a specific major and some long-term goals!

"I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted." Job 42:2 

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