January 12, 2017

i needed this

First haircut of the year.  I dread getting going to the hair salon; it's a stressful experience!  But I sucked it up today.

Before.  This is the longest my hair has been since the beginning of 2013 - so four years now!

After.  Just a trim, really.  In the spring I'll definitely go a lot shorter and maybe get highlights or something... If I'm feeling brave haha.  This is fine for now.  I didn't want it blow-dried or styled - trying to ease off the heat tools and have healthier hair. Plus I kind of like the natural wave and texture of my hair when I let it air dry.

Oh, and I got my undercut re-done.  I don't know why I keep up with it; it's not the most attractive hairstyle, and honestly if I let it catch up to the rest of my hair, I'd have a lot better volume!  But I like how fuzzy it is and it looks pretty cool when I put my hair up, and why not do something strange with your hair while you're young, right?  (Also, this picture made me realize I may have put on too much highlighter... Hahaha I'm glowing!)

I'm not sure why I'm on such a roll with blogging this year!  I know some people make resolutions to blog more, but I honestly had ZERO plans to ever come back to this blog!  Maybe one reason I gravitated towards it again is that one of my goals is to journal less and use social media less (maybe I'll explain why, sometime).

Blogging and making short videos is a more thought-out, intentional outlet for creative expression I guess, instead of doing a quick/mindless Instagram post or jotting random things down in my journal that no one reads, the way I usually do (not that I have a readership here either lol).  So maybe you can look forward to hearing more from me here soon...

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