February 13, 2017

spring break rail adventure 2017?!

Spring Break approacheth.

A bunch of us are headed to Hollywood for a few days.  In Florida, because apparently there's a Hollywood in Florida.  COOL.

Everyone is taking a 3-hour flight to get down there.  Not me!  I'm turning my dread of plane travel into checking something off my bucket list: I'm going to take a train.

Granted, my bucket list didn't specify that it had to be at least a 25 hour ride, but here we are.  I've booked my ticket.  25 hours down, 30 hours back.  I might be literally insane to do this, but there are two possible outcomes:

1) I really like it and discover something awesome, which is great, or
2) I really hate it, which is possibly better, because maybe for the next trip, I'd rather just take a quick flight and get over my fear.

EITHER WAY.  I don't want the train being to be simply the means of getting to Vacation.  I want the train adventure to be a part of Vacation.  I want to enjoy it.  I think I will.  I'm picturing chilling out with a book, listening to music, drawing, checking out the scenery.

(I've never traveled alone. I hope I see a sunset and a sunrise.  I wonder if I'll be able to sleep?  I really hope I'm not anxious the whole time.  This is crazy.)

But I really am looking forward to it.  It's like a two part vacation: one part in Florida, with friends, on the beach for three nights, and two days alone, seeing the country out of the train window.  An introvert's dream...  :)