March 9, 2017

travelling + spring break coming soooooon.....

I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't really care for vacations.  I'm excited to leave for Florida this weekend, but honestly, vacations and travelling are a couple of things that cause me the most stress.   But vacations are one of those things that I think that are worth wrestling with the anxiety over, because it's a good experience usually, and I'm going with cool people.  Nothing I can't handle with some prayer, my sketchbook journal, and maybe a little wine.

Can you believe I'll be on a train for a little over 24 hours (especially in coach)?!  Am I crazy that this is what its come to?!  But I mean checking one thing off the bucket list is awesome.  When I added a cross-country train ride, I imagined heading out to California.  But New York to Florida is acceptable.

Nails=painted.  Bags=packed.  (Yes, two days early, lol.)  New bathing suit.  Plenty of snacks.  Tickets printed up.  I'm basically ready.

This is not me at all.  What's the opposite of wanderlust, where you have a strong desire to stay in your hometown and be a part of a community?
I wish I was one of those people who are filled with "wanderlust" and a thirst for adventure, but as appealing and romantic as it seems, the reality is I am sort of a homebody.  I like to have "my space" and I like to return to it at the end of the day.

Although, in the back of my mind, I hope that someday I find it in me to leave the states and travel the world, just a little.  I can't imagine dying without spending a little time abroad.  One day!


I've finished all my homework, so I have nothing to work on until after spring break ends, which is an awesome feeling.  Other things are falling into place, too.  I was under a lot of stress at work because I took on basically a whole other person's job in the same amount of hours, but we worked out a way I'll be working an extra day every week, which makes the job SO much easier to handle.  And two of my classes were half-semester courses, meaning they are officially OVER now and I only have two classes til the end of the semester.

With all this stress lifted, I hope when I come back from vacation I'll be ready to start going to the gym again, and maybe get some much-needed appointments in (hair cut, dentist and doctor check-ups, oil change, etc.) which I have just felt like I didn't have time for with finals/midterms/new job responsibilities/getting ready for vacay.

Another random update: I decided to stop journaling after doing so consistently for 10 years(!).  I don't really know why, it just seemed like a good time to stop.  I want to fill the time I would've spent writing creating other things and expressing myself in different ways.  I'm hoping to write here more, to take more pictures, to make videos, to draw more, and one of my favorite idea so far is to have a sketchbook/journal for specific events, rather than for just general purpose.  I bought a couple of 30 sheet notebooks (very thin and small) and will use one of them for my Florida vacation.

So that's me right now; I probably will be MIA for a long time, but I'll come back eventually to maybe write about Florida.  :)


  1. How was the vacation? Sometimes vacationing really can be more of a hassle than it's made out to be but exploring is nice. I like travel for the most part!

    1. It was great! I'm writing up a post on it now ;)

  2. How was the vacation? Sometimes vacationing really can be more of a hassle than it's made out to be but exploring is nice. I like travel for the most part!